Knowing yourself well enough to tell someone else about you is something else really. I often ask myself the same question (this usually happens when I am going through my blog or cleaning my flat or just during random spaces of silence).

Keabetswe Kea Shilakwe is one crazy woman. I love food more than I love┬áto sleep (just kidding, I wouldn’t know how to choose), I love travelling event though most of the time I’m too broke to do so (I am good at saving, just not for holidays) and I am absolutely gaga over furniture (it’s my latest pet peeve and I am seriously considering starting a GoFundMe account just to furnish my new but temporary space.

I am a God fearing, book and series loving sister whose passion has taken her to a lot of places, thus meeting more than my fair share of amazing people. I love going to places that will elevate my sense of soul and wellbeing as well as just to explore.

In other words, I love people so don’t be shy, say hello to a sister and invite me to any events that you, your church, or your community is hosting. I will be sure to try to attend and sing praises of the awesomeness of the event (it has to be awesome though).

Oh and please hit me up on twitter (@theanchor2016) for a follow and feel free to drop me an email (keabeshilakwe@gmail.com)

Lots of Love. Your sister in Christ. Kea