Then i toOk theM tO eAt… An event 

There comes a time when one has to take being a Sunday School teacher to another level, to go to a place where no man has dared to go. To achieve the impossible… by taking your little kiddies to McDonalds.

We had been announcing the outing for a while at the end of our sermons but at the end of the day I suppose you still overwhelmed at the turnout. There were like millions of them!! Ok not millions but when a child comes in more than one things become a little interesting. We had made reservations in advance so when we arrived everything had already been set.

We arrived and the children went crazy. They ran all over the place, their adorable faces screaming and colouring in and trying to find their way around the play area. We had a bunch of the older kids with us too but they weren’t much help. finally the food came and lo and behold there was silence… I mean actual silence. The kind where you can hear the people on the other side chewing their food. Hunger does wonders I tell you.

Well after about three hours I must say I was happy when it happened. What I realised is that I love these children. They may be headaches but they are amazing headaches. It was a day well spent… 🙂



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