sO i tooK A Breather…. A feature

Being a South African, I’d often find myself embarrassed by my lack of having travelled my country, so when the chance arose, I took it. Toward the end of my third year (which was last year), I decided to spoil myself by booking a weekend away with my mother to Magaliesburg. I’d often heard about it long enough to be convinced that it was the ideal place for me to go and relax after a long and stressful year. I wasn’t wrong.

Magaliesburg is a beauty surrounded by lush green mountains and rich vegetation. The calm and tranquility that it possesses is seconded to none. I was actually surprised that such a place was bustling with life. The people are friendly and the lodge that we were staying at (Big Creek, which is a beautiful family owned place), was quaint and adorable. We had our very own cabin which was toward the edge of the property and for the first time in a long time I took a breath of fresh air, not the polluted mess we have here in the city, but actual, undiluted, God’s gift to humanity and the purest oxygen.

The town in itself is small and doesn’t have much. It just has a Spar and a few fast food joints but nothing fancy, which suited me just fine. There are a few things to do there as well including spas, game drives and sightseeing while learning about the beautiful history of the small town.

It’s the ideal place if you want to go and breathe and just to detox yourself from all the bad energy of the city. The accommodation is affordable and Rustenburg is just over an hour away. Just bring enough mosquito and fly repelant and you’ll be well on your way to having a heavenly time at one of the Most beautiful escapes South Africa has to offer.



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