aNd thEn theRe Were peTS

Movie review: The Secret Life of Pets

Usually I would hold off animation movies for my nephews but I have found myself drawn to this adorable yet quirky number that features the likes of comedian Kevin Hart (Central Intelligence) and Ellie Kemper.
This funny movie revolves around the lives pets lead when their owners are not around. The movie is about a cute canine, Duke, who’s owner brings home another dog. All hell breaks loose when they encounter a gang of street cats. The pair gets taken by animal control and a cute bunny, Snowball (Kevin Hart), comes to the rescue. The animals go on a wild goose chase around the city while trying to find themselves.
This movie is beautiful and will be quick to warm your heart. It is jam packed with content for both parents and children. It receives a well deserved eight out of ten stars from me. It is well worth the popcorn.



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