i aM deSign- a feature

It’s two thirty in the afternoon and a concept logo is done. This means beating traffic in the hot and bustling city of Johannesburg in order to deliver a very special package to an eagerly awaiting client.

These are one of the days in the life of Peter Magagane, a 27 year old Communication Designer from Mulbarton. If he’s not in class dreaming up logos, he’s at home bringing them to life.

“I’ve always been a creative. I’ve always been interested in the engineering that goes into the creative process to form something that will have life because of the thoughts conceived in my mind.”

Peter’s mother, like any other parent, had many and great visions for her son. Where parents see doctors and engineers, she saw a lawyer but in his heart there was a designer. Having being accepted into the University of Witwaterstrand (Wits), Peter studied law but it was soon obvious (to him and those around) that it was not the path for him. He left Wits and studied Design Communication which is by definition the combination of graphic design and branding.

“I fought my way into getting myself in it until my mother gave in.”

It wasn’t much of a struggle, but for this young man who describes himself as a visionary, the push was more than enough. Since then, he has completed his studies and has designed logos for a number of established organisations.

He says what sets him apart from the rest is his use for objects and symbols that are significant to the brand. Even with a market as small as South Africa, Peter believes that through an individual designer’s own style, the market becomes big enough, even for friendly rivalries.

For Peter, great things lie ahead, this includes an MBA and establishing a restaurant. It is quite the fete but he is ready. He was born for this.

Peter the design visionary

One of the logos he has created  for a store in Johannesburg

Black Bottom Couture is a store based in the Maboneng District, Johannesburg

Photo cred:


Black Bottom Couture


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