fasHion foR eVery seasOn… A feature

I have come to realise that being the nerd I am , I’m not as fashion savvy as I’d like to be. This has bothered me for a while. Not in a manner of secretly tearing apart the clothes of my fellow fashionista students at college in my head, but just your occasional going online and crying myself out as I watch the next set of trends that were featured Milan Fashion week gracing my PC screen. So I took it upon myself to search far and wide (that means Facebook and Twitter) to look for the perfect trend. I have finally discovered a trend that I would recommend to anyone (well not anyone but those who would trust their fashion reputation on me). Funny enough, I didn’t have to look far, funny enough, as I have found it very close to home- my younger brother, Khutso.

My little brother is by his own definition a “sax”. That is someone who is not only just a pretty boy, but a fashion forward and well groomed one at that (The Oxford dictionary should quote him on those words). Considering what it takes to be such an individual, the costs alone to develop and maintain this lifestyle will burn a hole deeper than that of a  volcano, unless of course you’re filthy rich and have money to spare. You can, however, also do what my young brother has done and that is to raid your elder siblings’ and parents’ wardrobes and make do with what you have.

My reason for writing this article was for the nerds who need a makeover on some serious level to find some inspiration in their journey to self discovery and of course for the rest of the populace who just want a change of scenery when it comes to their wardrobes. Bare in mind, this article was planned around the male species (I’m sorry girls, I didn’t mean to betray us) but if at all you are female or male, there are some handy tips you can pick up to be well on your way to “saxing”. Through much deliberation, Khutso and I have come up with a little guide to help anyone who might consider this new way of life.

Here are some tips on how to be a sax:

1. Eat healthy and work out

2. Know what matches your skin tone but don’t be afraid to experiment

3. Never be too embarrassed to seek advice from the opposite sex (gender), they know more than you think

4. You are your own person, dress according to how you feel about the day

5. Your hair must always be on point (that means prim and proper for our older audience), also keep it neat

6.Watch fashion shows for days when you don’t know what to wear

7. Always be clean and be friendly
Happy “saxing”!!!

Photo cred:

Kamogelo Mabelane

Nthabiseng Pearl Mokgope


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