Doing ouR parT tO saVe

​There are a few posts that I as your friend and fellow blogger have delayed. It wasn’t intentional but somehow I think everything centred around timing. South Africa is going through somewhat of a rough patch; students are protesting over school fees, our finance minister is being investigated for fraud, even our president is in a bit of a shamble with the state capture that was released yesterday. Now is the time that I remind my people that our country is still facing a bigger problem than all those above mentioned combined- we are low on water.

The world has been experiencing some droughts over the past few years and everyone has felt the pinch some way or another on just how bad this water situation is. For a second, it had me wishing the Arctic could melt an iceberg or two just to help us out a little. But we are here now, and it’s not getting better.

I attended a press conference hosted by Johannesburg Water on the 29th of September. The agenda was the discussion of our current water situation and what we should do as citizens in order to conserve as much water as possible. These methods included our usual water saving tips as well as a surprise introduction into the fining process they are developing. What this entails is, if a certain household uses water above the limit they have set aside, then said household will be fined. There is a lot of grey with this process as it includes a lot of elements such as size of household, income etc but that is the gist of the matter.

The CEO, Mr Johannes Nong highlighted how things such as broken pipes and faulty systems are a thing that the previous government had failed to rectify during that time and that measures such as boreholes and water tanks are temporary solutions to a long term problem. There is also a project Johannesburg Water is working on that will ensure water for all in the next coming years, all we have to do is exercise patience. It is up to us as the citizens to do our part in curbing the water situation anyway we can.


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