aDopt a tedDy

​As a blogger, I get to experience the world through many eyes; from the eyes of a mother, a traveller, a dreamer and many more. Today i go through the eyes of a gentle giant. One that is known to all as the furry and cuddly, black and white but very endangered Panda.

Let’s call him Norman. I like Norman.

Norman is an endangered animal, and if something is not done about it, he and the rest of his brothers, sisters, cousins and distant relations will soon go extinct. Pandas aren’t dying because they are wanted for their fur or hunted and sold on the exotic animal black market, they are dying because of us. According to The Animal Fact Guide, pandas are growing extinct because we, the people who are so in love with them, are taking up their places of habitat which means fewer places to live and less food. The ever growing population in China is making things harder as developing infrastructure is the reason why the animals are also running out of food.

To top it all off, a female panda is only fertile 2 to 3 days per spring, combined with the loss of habitat, pandas are quickly running out of time to do anything and places to do them in.Thinking about all that makes me feel bad as a human being and fellow lover of the black and white bear. It fills me with a sense of dread at just how little the world knows about them and their predicament.

There is, however, something we can do about it. There are different programs have been set aside to help the animals who so desperately need our help. You can do your part in donating to the World Wildlife Fund or adopting a panda. There are other ways to do your part during your spare time or whilst travelling or taking gap years like volunteering at a panda reserve (for a fee of course, it’s all for the greater good). 

Lets do our part in not just going green, but going panda too.

For more information, you can visit these sites:

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