a liTtle abOut mE

Hi. My name is KEABETSWE SHILAKWE and I aspire to be many things- most of which is a photographer. I was born somewhere and raised in a really hot desert called Life (it’s really hot there- like blazing- I’m surprised I survived). I started out as a Neanderthal like every other teenager I know then fast forward a couple of years, I am now a college student, whose about to graduate (hopefully) and has a deep level of love and respect for food, Pretoria and taking pictures of snakes doing strange things. My passions are somewhat selfish in nature, I take pictures of anything that I love and don’t mind going out of my comfort zone for it. I, however, have slight bias toward things like the fashion industry (trust me, it’s nothing personal- I’m just a nerd), bad news and impossible people. Don’t get me wrong, if it fascinates me I’ll run with it but most times I develop this pasty reaction when asked to do something I’m not particularly fond of. I love animals, children, nature, special buildings, the aliens I call my siblings and my mom and dad. I got the camera bug from my dad and becoming a photography legend is a dream of mine, also it doesn’t require me to learn Kung-Fu so lucky me. I hope to pass on the love of photography to my offspring because let’s face it, nothing tells a story better than a picture.



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