So i atTended a fooD marKet…

I made a promise to myself to start doing more this year in terms of attending events and going out of my comfort zone. After all, I write for a lifestyle blog and what purpose would it serve if there wasn’t much living going on? So with that in mind, I attended the  International Food Market at Hatfield Plaza on Friday (that’s the 14th of August). It was the first of its kind in South Africa and well the expectations were high.The whole point of the food market was to showcase different foods from other countries in order for us to learn and appreciate other cultures as well as to try out some really amazing food (trust me, I did a lot of appreciating). Some countries though surprised me as I was not expecting some of the food that was on display (I’m talking about you Mexico table with the koeksisters). And though it started a little late the experience was well worth it. So with a handy assistant (my partner in arms and a real friend), Rele, a notebook and camera, an empty tummy and a full purse, I took a trip around the world.

This amazing soul with the Korean table was the first to greet me. She sold anything from Ramen to amazing chocolate pastry things which I never got around to finding out what the name was (tasted amazing though)

The next table I visited was Italy. I couldn’t so much as talk because I had my mouth full of petit fours and my eyes set on the delicious looking strawberries and chocolate the moment I set foot there. Didn’t even miss the lasagne…

Next on my line of assault was the Mexican table. Leroy looked dapper in a Sombrero and sold us a churro (I had quite an adventure trying to pronounce the word… Its pronounced chaaro). It was very hot- nobody had warned me about the green chillies much to my demise

Next was the mother and son duo (I’m assuming here because they share a surname) who provided much needed refreshment with great tasting cordials. Loved the pink lemonade. Would have had something stronger had I not been on the job #winkwink

The Pakistani table blessed us with samoosas and at a bargain too. They were so amazing, I ate them for dinner when I got home. To the young man who felt the need to be consulted before any pictures of his mother and younger sister were taken,I don’t know how you landed up on this one 🙂

The next table left me somewhat conflicted. The young lady told me that the previous person who had tasted her chillies had ended up in tears.  Not knowing if that was a good or bad thing, she assured me that the chillies was amazing and I walked away with a smile and a jar of chillies for my dad.

The last table I stopped at was the Greek table. Although they were having trouble with their cooker outside, the smile on this man’s face was enough to call me to return next year and try some of that lamb souvlaki (pronounced soovlaakee).


It was a long and hot day and this friendly man, Craig, and his sent-from-heaven mobile coffee café had just what a girl needed- Ice Tea!! He was so awesome and we had a great conversation about the weather and in return I bought two ice teas 🙂

With that ended a long but fruitful day at the market. But it was not until my faithful assistant and I had taken a selfie were we ready to go home

I introduce to you Rele… The crazy individual on my left

So long Food market, till next year…

For more information on the food, here are the contact details of the awesome indivudals who prepared it:

Gloria of Seoul Garden (its a Korean Restaurant)-

For awesome petit fours – 

For mouth watering cordials-

For killer souvlaki –

For tear inducing chillies-

For amazing coffee and ice tea-
Till next year

Stay blessed.


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