Celebrating woMen of GOD

I received an invite from Upon The Rock Centre, a church attended by my sister-in-law and her family, the morning of Saturday the 13th of this month to come and attend a conference that would be held in honour of women in Christ. The theme was The Noble Woman and focused mainly on the message from the book of Proverbs 30. It is an annual event that fellow women who are members of the church may attend.Apparently they had heard that I had started a Christian lifestyle blog (through my amazing sister-in-law) and had heard I was looking for an event to cover for my blog and they were more than happy to host me.

The Conference started at 10am at the church in Hammaanskraal and the Bishop’s wife opened the service in prayer. The guest speakers like Mrs Eva Seobi spoke of an honourable woman and what it means to be her through examples of strength, determination and all round love for those around her. Other speakers like Miss Shirley Tabane spoke of their journeys through life and that of others and how they overcame challenges given to them by loss, financial constraint and family situations like domestic abuse and the death of a child.

It was truly a blessed event as there was worship and unity and love…The ladies looked absolutely amazing in their fascinators as that was the dress code for the event.

Alas I could not stay for the entire conference as it would finish late (late evening) and I had to find transport on time (early afternoon since home is nowhere near Hammie Town)

Women. You are Queens.

Don your crown for you are deserving.

Nations bow down to you.

Blessed you are by your Creator.

It’s yours.
God bless.


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