Are we Really a uniFied Nation?

On the 3rd of August local elections took place in South Africa.

Most citizens are aware of the fact that elections are important and that if one wants some semblance of change, that individual has to vote.right? There are many issues surrounding the local municipalities and their role in our society. Lots of citizens like Lunga Jiya from Kwa-Thema have lost faith in the hopes for change. Lunga registered to vote. He thought that voting would somehow make him feel better about the state of our country and that of Kwa Thema, the township where he resides. Then Lunga realised that even though the parties weren’t the same, they portrayed similar behaviour like making promises they don’t keep. Then Lunga decided that since nobody deserved his vote, he would not vote. 

I agree with people like Lunga. 

We all agree that elections are important but what bothers me is that the political parties do nothing for their supporting communities until three or four months before the elections are supposed to take place. Streets get fixed and old ladies who have been waiting for something better are given RDP houses and told to vote if they want more. I also can’t be surprised anymore because it’s nothing new. This has been a bad habit of the political parties in this country that doesn’t look like its going to sto any time soon. What also makes me sad is that the political parties use things like the memory of Mandela to receive votes.

Now contrary to popular belief. Not all things about the elections are bad and sombre like my above mentioned statement.

There are some things that the political parties do for their communities. They fix streets and buildings and take charge of the goings on of the communities. So not all is bad right? Some things work.

Being negative about something is not going to change it -but- doing nothing isn’t going to change anything either. We as a country have to vote, nationally and locally for we have a right to choose a government we believe will hear us and bring the change we have been praying for and of course the change we believe we deserve.
Would I tell someone to vote? No I wouldn’t. But if it came down to anything, my honest answer would be: if you believe it’ll all work out then give it a shot.

Will I one day decide to finally register and put my cross on a ballot paper? Maybe, just not right now as I’m not exactly convinced that my vote would mean anything to anyone. Seeing that so many people vote and yet there is no apparent change in the corruption or lack of service delivery in this country.

Things are not looking good for our beloved country but we must look at the upside of politics and their use in our country and admit that it could be way worse.

I guess we must learn to exercise our faith in this country as much as we exercise the rights its constitution provides.

Stay blessed.

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